Splash Kingdom Alumni

Working at Splash Kingdom feels like having another family….A big, fun, hot, sweaty family. 


After 16 years of operating Splash Kingdom Waterparks, it is always great to see many of our previous team members around town or at the parks with their families.


We would love to see where you are now, what you are doing, and hear about your favorite memory of working at Splash Kingdom. 


Just like the first season in 2006, our goal is to provide a safe and fun work environment for the students and other staff members we are blessed with each season.  Our desire is to help prepare our team members to “be better” for whatever is the next step for them in life.   We would like to be able to share some of your take-aways and fond memories from your time at Splash Kingdom, as well as highlight some of your amazing successes since working at SK.


Please take a minute and find a picture of you in your SK uniform from “back in the day”… and also include a current picture of you, your family, and let us know what you are up to now.


We would love to see you at the park this summer, and we are planning a “Family Reunion” for us to get together again on a special day in 2022.


We looking forward to hearing from you all!

Tell us about yourself!

Alternatively, you can email your submission to: smiley@splashkingdomwaterpark.com

    Which of our 5 park locations did you work at?