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Employment Opportunities

With Positions available in Water Safety, Guest Services, Food Services, Park Services, and Security, we have something for everyone! 

All applicants must be at least 16 years old by June 1st of the current year.

At Splash Kingdom our Goals are:

  • Glorify God in all things.
  • Provide a safe and fun recreational experience for families.
  • Develop each team member’s potential through training, encouragement, and leadership opportunities.

Before Applying Online, Read the Following:

Position Descriptions

Splash Kingdom Waterpark Team Opportunities


Splash Kingdom Waterpark is looking for personable, energetic and dependable individuals to help our guests create lasting memories. All team members will complete the Splash Kingdom customer service training to ensure high standards of  professionalism. If you would like to have a summer filled with fun while you earn a competitive income, Splash Kingdom Waterpark may be the place for you.

Guest Services Team

Splash Kingdom Waterpark needs personable, friendly, outgoing, customer service oriented people to join our Guest Services Team. Members will work in admissions, at the front gate, and/or throughout the park. In addition, team members help conduct programs and events for groups, including birthday parties. Completion of Splash Kingdom’s guest service and cashier training is required.

Water Safety Team

It is the responsibility of the Water Safety Team to ensure the safe operation of Splash Kingdom’s rides and attractions. Lifeguard applicants must successfully complete the National Pool and Waterpark Lifeguard Training Program conducted by Splash Kingdom Waterpark (there is a fee for this class). Applicants must be able to swim 200 yards using the front crawl or breast stroke, be able to recover a 10 lb. brick from a depth of 10 feet and tread water for 2 minutes with hands out of the water.

Park Services Team

Splash Kingdom’s appearance and cleanliness leave a lasting impression on our guests. The Park Services Team is responsible for the overall cleanliness of the pools, buildings, grounds, bathrooms and attractions. Team members will be required to complete the Splash Kingdom park services training.

Food Service Team

The Food Service Team is responsible for the fast, friendly, quality food experience we want our guests to enjoy each and every time they visit Splash Kingdom. Food preparation, serving and kitchen support, including clean-up are included in the duties of these team members. This team will also host catered events and special parties in the  park. Food Service Team members will complete the Splash Kingdom food services and cashier training.

Entertainment Team

This position will engage our guests all day with fun activities, personality, and talent. Team members will be responsible for entertaining guests with games, events, music, dancing, contests, and other fun experiences. Please tell us about any special skills or talents you have that would help our guests have a great time during their visit.

Security Team (Must be 21 years or older)

This team is made up primarily of off-duty police officers, firefighters, school teachers and EMT’s. Responsibilities include entry gate bag check, addressing park security issues with the General Manager and responding to  first aid issues.  A friendly but confident disposition and a minimum age of 21 is required for a security position.

Uniform + Dress Code



The Splash Kingdom team has a high image to uphold.  A consistent, professional, yet fun look has a tremendous impact on the perception of the company, through the eyes of our guests.  The following Splash Kingdom “team look” will be maintained with zero tolerance for interpretation. In addition, all employees shall refrain from consuming alcohol, smoking or participating in mischievous behavior while in uniform.


Service Employees

  • Service employees will be issued either the “men’s cut” or “ladies’ cut” polo according to gender at the beginning of the season.
  • A Splash Kingdom team shirt must be tucked in to “properly fitting” pants.
  • Approved khaki pants or shorts must be worn, no oversized items will be allowed. A black or brown belt must be worn in the loops; belts must not hang below the pants’ belt loops.
  • Mostly white, grey, or black athletic shoes (no converse or high tops) with white laces worn with matching ankle socks or shorter; no long tube sock or knee socks.
  • A Splash Kingdom nametag must be clipped to the shirt collar or a lanyard with your name clearly showing.
  • All Food Service positions must wear a SK cap at all times, with the bill and logo facing forward as directed by the park manager.



  • Guards will be issued the approved uniform according to gender at the beginning of the season.
  • At no time should any changes, modifications or substitutions be made to the approved uniform.





  • Visible tattoos are not allowed and must be covered by clothing at all times. Band-Aids or other type of bandage material or make-up are not acceptable forms of coverage.
  • Gauges and bars, facial jewelry and sub-dermal or trans-dermal implants (including the interior of the mouth) are not allowed. The only jewelry that may be visible is a wedding band, a classic style/sports wrist watch or one plain bracelet on either wrist.  No anklets, toe rings.  One small necklace worn inside shirt allowed (except lifeguards).
  • Artificial nail tips of any kind are prohibited. Nails cannot extend longer than 1/4inch from the fingertip.
  • Perfumes and personal grooming products that provide a strong odor (even if pleasant) is forbidden.





  • All employees are to wear their hair clean and well-groomed.
  • Hair, when wet must not extend below the neck band of a t-shirt in the back and must not extend below the eyebrow in front or below the earlobe on the sides. Individual hair length should not exceed 2 inches
  • Dreadlocks, corn rows and braids are not permitted.
  • Sideburns must not extend below the ear.
  • Unusual or distracting haircuts are not permitted, including disproportionate hair length, Mohawks, and letters/symbols cut into hair.
  • Men may not wear ponytails.
  • Men must be clean shaven when reporting to work, however, neatly trimmed mustaches will be permitted.
  • If an employee dyes or bleaches his hair, only natural colors will be permitted and must be predominantly one color.
  • Men must avoid wearing any hair accessories including caps unless it is part of the Splash Kingdom uniform.
  • Men may not wear earrings, gauges, bars or have sub-dermal/trans-dermal implants.
  • The park manager has total discretion when determining the appropriateness of dress and hair.




  • All employees are to wear their hair clean and well-groomed.
  • If an employee dyes or bleaches her hair, only natural colors will be permitted and must be predominantly one color. This also applies to hair weaves and extensions.
  • Hair must be pulled up/back at all times (all departments).
  • Dreadlocks are not permitted.
  • Girl’s hair style and accessories should be kept simple as to avoid distraction.
  • Girls must shave underarms and legs unless wearing a sleeved uniform shirt and long pants.
  • Caps are not permitted unless it is part of the Splash Kingdom uniform.
  • Only solid singular fingernail polish or French manicures are permitted. One solid color toenail polish.  Nails cannot extend longer than 1/4inch from the fingertip.
  • Girls are permitted to wear up to two (stud style only) earrings in each ear. No gauges, bars, loops or dangle earrings will be accepted.
  • Make-up must present a clean, professional appearance.
  • The park manager has total discretion when determining the appropriateness of dress and hair.
Employment Authorization



Please read the following items carefully. A Parent/Guardian authorization is required for all applicants ages 17 and under. Please note, applications without authorization will not be accepted.

1. I certify that all statements given on this application are correct and realize the falsification or misrepresentation of any information may result in immediate termination of employment.

2. I understand that Splash Kingdom, Inc. is a drug-free company; and as an employee, I agree to submit to pre-employment drug testing and random drug testing during the period of my employment.

3. I understand that if hired by Splash Kingdom, my employment is seasonal and will not extend past the last operating day of the waterpark season. I further understand that I am an “at will” employee and not guaranteed employment during the entire operating season. Employment during a season does not guarantee employment for subsequent years. An Application of Employment must be completed each season that I wish to work.

4. I recognize that Splash Kingdom, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and all applicants receive lawful consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, or veteran status.

5. I agree that Splash Kingdom, Inc. shall be entitled, without further compensation, to use in any manner, a photograph, video, or recording of me and/or my voice.

6. I understand if I break, lose or otherwise damage Splash Kingdom equipment due to negligence, I may be held responsible for payment to replace or repair the damaged equipment. I acknowledge that the amount will be deducted from my paycheck.

7. I do hereby release and hold harmless Splash Kingdom companies from any and all claims whatsoever, including but not limited to; personal injury arising out of or relating to any nonwork hour and/or non-work related recreational activity provided by Splash Kingdom.

8. I hereby authorize Splash Kingdom to seek medical treatment for injuries or illnesses sustained by me during the course of my employment at Splash Kingdom. Splash Kingdom will make a conscious effort to notify parents or guardians should treatment become necessary for a dependent.

9. I understand that Splash Kingdom requires all of its employees to act in the best interest of Splash Kingdom at all times. It is my responsibility to, and I will, observe all rules, policies, operating procedures, and directives of Splash Kingdom and behave with courtesy and respect toward other employees, guests, and members of the public.

10. I understand that as part of my employment, I will be required to wear a uniform based on the position for which I work. I further acknowledge that I will be required to purchase my uniform and agree to have the cost of the uniform deducted from my paycheck. If my uniform is lost or further damaged beyond wear, I acknowledge that I will be responsible for purchasing a replacement.

11. I understand that Splash Kingdom’s operating days are Sunday—Saturday. I understand that I will be on a rotation that will include some Sundays.

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