Category: Park Policies

For the safety of our guests, we do not allow outside food or beverages inside the park. Guests may bring in an empty water bottle and fill it with water from one of the cold-water fountains available throughout the park. Splash Kingdom offers a variety of delicious menu choices inside the park along with a selection of refreshing drinks and novelty items.

Splash Kingdom has provided picnic facilities outside of the entrance gate. Guests can bring coolers with food and beverages to these locations; however, for health and safety concerns, these items will not be allowed inside the park.

However, with proper medical documentation guests may bring necessary foods into the park, e.g. – diabetic emergency snacks, baby formula for infants, gluten-free foods, or allergy-safe foods. Other than a juice box for diabetics and baby formula, outside beverages are not allowed in the park. Splash Kingdom will provide a medical tag to be displayed in these instances. Food quantity not to exceed the contents of a small insulated lunch pack (9x8x4). One lunch pack is permitted per day. At the time of visit, Guests should contact Park Security or Guest Relations for approval to bring in special medically required food items.

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