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Paradise Island
Paradise Island – Canton, TX

Paradise Island is located in the back corner of the park next to Paradise Pizza. It consists of 2 slides surrounding a great spray ground area. One enclosed body slide and one open speed slide offer a change of pace depending on your need for speed. From the youngsters to those still young at heart, these moderate thrill slides are perfect for all ages. You must be 42” to ride, single riders only. No life jackets are permitted on this ride.

Kid's Castle
Kid’s Castle

The Kid’s Kingdom is just the thing for the little ones.  With 10 inches of water, 11 slides, and numerous sprayers and splash toys, the kids will be entertained for hours. You must be under 52” to play on this attraction unless you are accompanying a child. The top red slide may only be ridden by children between 36” and 52” in height. Life jackets are permitted on this attraction and are available inside the park free of charge on a first come first served basis.

Wave Pool
Mat Racer

The wave pool is a 350,000 gallon pool that produces alternating wave cycles. Water depth is 5 feet when waves are off. Clear tubes are available at the opening of the pool for free use and life jackets are also available for this attraction. Ride some gnarly waves today at the Splash Kingdom wave pool!

Lazy River
Lazy River – Canton, TX

Get ready for a relaxing and smooth ride on the lazy river. The river is approximately 1,000 ft of continuous current and is 3’ 6” deep. Single and double rider tubes and life jackets are both available free of charge. Food and drinks are not allowed in the river. You must enter the river at the designated entry way. Jumping in and out on the sides is not permitted. Float through the middle of the park and check out the other attractions along the way.

Royal Flush
Royal Flush – Canton, TX

Ride the royal flush! This high thrill ride is a single person enclosed body slide with quick acceleration, steep drops, splashes, and a swirling deceleration that leads to a 4’ drop into a catch pool. Life jackets are not permitted on this ride and weak swimmers are discouraged from riding. You must be 42” to ride. The catch pool is equipped with 7 ft. of swirling water. Most riders never drop into the catch pool the same way twice – so try it out and let’s see how many different ways you can get flushed!

Pink Panic
Pink Panic – Canton, TX

The Pink Panic is an enclosed single rider body slide with quick acceleration, steep drops, splashes, and a run-out that decelerates riders. Riders must be 42” in height. Life jackets may be worn down the slide. This is a medium-thrill slide that empties into a 6″ run out and is great for those wanting a moderate-paced ride.

The Express
The Express – Canton, TX

With all of about 3 seconds from top to bottom, riders run out into a 6 inch deceleration pool on this high-thrill, open body slide featuring a straight vertical drop. Riders must be 42” to ride and life jackets are not permitted. The Express is the fastest ride here at Splash Kingdom. Can you handle it?

Blue Thunder
Blue Thunder – Canton, TX

Blue thunder is a single or double open tube slide with sharp turns, steep drops, quick acceleration, and a 3’ 6” catch pool at the bottom. This is a moderate thrill slide and life jackets are welcome. This is an open air ride the entire way down. Tubes are provided for all tube slides free of charge. Grab your tube and a buddy and rumble down the blue thunder today!

White Lightning
White Lightning – Canton, TX

White Lightning is a single or double rider enclosed tube slide with quick acceleration, steep drops, splashes, and a 3’ 6” catch pool. Life jackets are permitted, and weak swimmers are encouraged to wear one. This is a high-thrill ride, as it is dark inside the tube and difficult to see around corners. Can you handle the White Lightning?

Volcano Mountain
Volcano – Canton, TX

Volcano Mountain has two open body slides. It is a moderate thrill ride and drops riders into a 10 ft pool. Must be 42″ tall to ride. Life jackets are not allowed on this slide and it is recommended only for strong swimmers. Scale the mountain today….if you dare!

Matt Racer
Mat Racer – Canton, TX

Grab some friends and check out the newest addition to our park, the Mat Racer. Pick up a free mat at the ride entrance and race your friends to see who can reach the bottom first. Must be 42″ tall to ride.

Sand Volleyball
Sand Volleyball – Canton, TX

Have some fun with your party or group Splash Kingdom style! Sand volleyball is fun for everyone. Volleyballs can be checked out for free at the retail shop.

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12 oz drink, chips, and choice of hot dog, chicken tenders, nachos, or mini corn dogs


      *   Single $6.50
      *   Cheeseburger $7.00
      *   Double $8.00
      *   Double Meat Double Cheese $9.00
*   Double Meat Double Cheese w/ Bacon $9.25

4 Chicken Tenders $6.75
Pizza – (Cheese, Pepperoni, or Hamburger) $5.00
Hot Dog $3.75
Nachos $5.00
Nachos w/ Chili $5.50
Frito Pie $5.75


Wrap $7.75
      *Grilled Chicken
      *Crispy Chicken

Salad $7.75
      *Grilled Chicken Caesar
      *Crispy Chicken

Black Bean Burger $8.00
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $7.00
Grilled Chicken Club Sandwich $7.50
Guacamole Chicken Club Sandwich $8.00

MAKE IT A MEAL  Add Chips & Medium Drink $3.50


Add Bacon $1.00
Add Cheese $0.75
Add Jalepeños $0.50
Add Chili $0.75
Add Sour Cream $0.75
Add Guacamole $1.50


Fries $4.00
Cheese Fries $4.50
Chili Cheese Fries $4.75
Chips $3.00

Popcorn $3.50
      *Refillable Bucket $10.00
      *Refills $1

Pretzel – (Salt or Cinnamon Sugar) $4.25
Pretzel w/Cheese $4.75
Giant Pickle $2.00
Snow Cone $3.50


Funnel cake $5.75
      *w/strawberries & crème $7.00

Large cookie $2.50
Cotton Candy $3.50

Mini Melts Ice Cream
      *Small $4.75
      *Medium $6.00
      *Large $8.00
      *Float $5.25


Refillable Souvenir Cup $12
      *Refills $1, Icee Refills, $1.50

Fountain Drinks
      *Large $3.50
      *Medium $3.25
      *Small $2.75
      *Child $1.95
      *Cup of Ice $1.00

16oz Sodas $3.00

Bottle of Water $2.00

      *Large $3.50
      *Medium $3.25
      *Small $3.00

Fruit Smoothies –  $6.50


Includes a medium drink and cookie, plus your choice of 1 large slice of pizza OR 2 chicken strips and chips OR a hot dog and chips OR Nachos.
Includes a medium drink and cookie, plus your choice of a cheese burger and chips or 2 large slices of pizza OR 4 chicken strips and chips.

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