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Paradise Island in Canton, TX

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Partnering with Splash Kingdom Waterpark offers a unique opportunity to elevate your brand and connect with our diverse audience. As a partner, your brand will gain exposure across various platforms, including:

Website Branding: Elevate your presence with your logo and brand message prominently showcased on our Splash Kingdom website, attracting thousands of monthly visitors.

Rides & Attractions Sponsorship: Highlight your brand by sponsoring rides and attractions within the park, ensuring prime visibility among our guests.

In-Park Signage: Showcase your brand on strategically positioned signs throughout Splash Kingdom, maximizing exposure to our visitors.

Email Marketing: Engage directly with potential customers through targeted email campaigns, leveraging our active subscriber base.

Splash Radio Advertising: Extend your brand’s reach with targeted advertising slots on Splash Radio, capturing the attention of park-goers throughout the day.

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